Advisory Board Members

To maximize the impact of the project, an Advisory Board has been set up to give strategic advice and guidance to the consortium in order to achieve the project goals and to support EU-ASEAN ICT Policy Dialogue. The Advisory Board is invited to participate in the project meeting 3 times during the project lifetime. The main tasks of the Advisory Board are:

  • to give strategic advice and recommendations for EU-ASEAN ICT R&D cooperation,
  • to provide advice on ICT R&D cooperation opportunities between the EU and the ASEAN countries,
  • to give feedback and participate in the selection of ICT networks/project/initiatives to be implemented,
  • to serve as a link between project and the national/regional activities in EU, ASEA,
  • to help to ensure adequate orientation,
  • to increase the visibility of project activities and support the dissemination of project results,
  • to stimulate the discussion between the relevant key players in EU and in ASEAN.

The AB members are involved as project internal reviewers, as well as ambassadors and promoters, by suggesting synergies with their own activities and activities of their networks and bodies, and by keeping their networks informed of the project activities and outcomes, thus supporting wider visibility and promoting the EU-ASEAN cooperation in the ICT policy area. They also actively contribute to the project by notifying the project team on the latest scientific and technological evolutions in the ICT policy area, new initiatives, etc.

Currently, the Advisory Board consists of the following four members:

  • Dr. Alexander Alamil Lim - Head of S&T Division in the ASEAN Secretariat - obtained a PhD. degree in Solar Energy/PV Systems at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He has over 20 years experience as Instructor, Assistant professor and Associate professor at University of Philippines Los Banos. From 1996 to 1999 he worked as Programme Coordinator and obtained the diploma in Science Teaching from the UP Open University. During the years 1999 – 2004, Alexander Lim occupied the position of Deputy Executive Director in Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research and Development. Then, in 2004 he joined the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta as Senior Officer at Science and Technology Division and was appointed in 2007 Head of Coordination Unit at the Bureau for External Relations and Coordination (ASEAN Secretariat). Since 2009 Alexander Lim has occupied the position of Assistant Director and Head of Science and Technology Division in ASEAN Secretariat.
  • Dr. Christoph Elineau - the Coordinator of the EU-SEA-NET 2 project affiliated in DLR, Germany, International Bureau of BMBF - was born in Ulm/Germany on September 29, 1975. He studied Urban and Regional planning at the Technical University of Berlin, Edinburgh College of Art and received his Diploma in 2003. He has previously worked as a consultant for OECD. In 2004 he joined the International Bureau of BMBF as Senior Scientific Officer where he was in charge of the bilateral cooperation in Education between Germany and China and for the German participation in OECD projects in Science and Education. He’s been the managing coordinator of the SEA-EU-NET project from 2008-2012 and is now the coordinator of the SEA-EU-NET 2 project (2013-2016). He’s been a member of the advisory committee of the SEACOOP project and member of the external advisory committee of the PACE-NET project.
  • Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köcker - Head of Section at VDI-VDE IT, Germany - is head of the Institute for Innovation and Technology (IIT Berlin) and holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. Currently he is serving on various advisory boards, appointed by different European Member States and the European Commission. Gerd has led many innovation and cluster projects in several parts of the world, has widely written about innovation, cluster and technology transfer issues and is a frequent speaker on innovation policy and cluster in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.
  • Dr. Tan Tin Wee - Chairman of A*STAR Computational Resource Centre ACRC - his previous appointments include: Head of Technet Unit, Singapore's First Internet Service Provider, Head of Internet Research and Development Unit NUS; Director, Bioinformatics Centre, Singapore; Head of the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, NUS; Board Director, International Society for Computational Biology; Founding Secretariat, Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Network; Focal Point, ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology; Inventor of Internationalized Domain Names and the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium; Board Director, Keppel Telecommunications and Transportation, SGX-listed company; Chairman, A*STAR Supercomputing Centre and others. His research interests are Bioinformatics, Advanced Internet Network Protocols and Applications in Biological Sciences, Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) (original founder and inventor). Tan Tin Wee was the principal investigator and founder of SingAREN. He is the co-founder of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), representing SingAREN. He is a member of the EUAsiaGrid FP7 Grant from 2009. In 2012 at Geneva, he was conferred and inducted into the Inaugural Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society together with 32 other pioneers.

The project team is open to recommendations about additional Advisory Board members. Recommendations can be sent to the project coordinator, Svetlana Klessova.