Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is one of the five research intensive universities in Malaysia. USM envisions itself to be a world-class university embarking on world class research programmes via strategic planning and implementation of its Research and Development (R&D) mechanisms. Since inception in 1969, USM has gained a reputation for providing excellent undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is fast gaining international recognition, which is evident from the numerous international awards and prizes garnered by its researchers. USM has been very active in promoting education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In recognizing the need for capacity building in ICT, various schools and centres have been formed within the university. National Advanced IPv6 Centre is a premier centre within the university that focuses in the area of Next Generation Internet. NAv6, a centre within the university, will carry out the main work, with the involvement of other centres, when necessary.

Role in the project:Strengthening links EU-SEA ICT Networks and organisation, policy dialogue support and dissemination

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