EU-SEA Workshop “International Cooperation on Cybersecurity: Towards the New Avenues” organised in Hanoi, Vietnam


The workshop was organised by Information Technology Institute – Vietnam National University (ITI-VNU), on December 2-3, 2015 at Vietnam National University in Hanoi. The event aimed:

  • To set up an open discussion on new collaboration avenues in cybersecurity inside and outside ASEAN (in particular, with the European Union), in areas of common interest: research/technological/market trends; emerging opportunities for collaboration; barriers and ways to overcome them, etc.;
  • To exchange good practice (both ASEAN and international) on the topics of common interest; share the experience, vision and discuss the cooperation and project ideas;
  • To develop recommendations and action proposals to the bodies in charge of cybersecurity (ICT RDI and Cybersecurity Administration).

Approximately 30 EU, South Korea and ASEAN experts were attending the event at least during one of two days. There were 11 international experts from Italy, Ireland, Greece, Korea, Thailand, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines,... The Vietnamese ICT specialists were from Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Software Association, University and R&D Institute.

The first presentation introduced the ASEAN ICT Master Plan 2016 – 2020 which had been approved by all ASEAN ICT Ministers in Danang City of Vietnam just a week before this workshop and the presentation was made by a representative of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam, who is key Vietnamese government official to finalize the ASEAN ICT Master Plan 2016 – 2020.

From ASEAN side, Dr. Chalee Vorakulpipat, Head of Cybersecurity Lab. of NECTEC, Thailand delivered a speech on Cybersecurity Policy, priorities and projects in Thailand.

As one of the most advanced countries in ASEAN in ICT sector in general and in cybersecurity as well, Mr. Ismamuradi, Head of Department‎ Strategy Management, Cybersecurity Malaysia gave a presentation about Cybersecurity Situation, Policy, strategy and solution given by government in Malaysia. His presentation focused on what the Malaysian government has done so far against the situation, threats, solution and international cooperation for cybersecurity.

Dr. Daovalath Phommalath, Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Lao PDR shared about Lao PDR situation, activities and regulation on cuber security in Lao PDR. Her presentation mentioned about the situation, threats and solution in building international cooperation for cybersecurity from Lao’s point of view.

From EU side, there were three presentations from guest speakers outside CONNECT2SEA Consortium. In the first day, Alessandro Guarino, Studio AG, Italy, Expert of  Technical Committee on  Cybersecurity, ETSI – European Telecommunication Standard Institute made the first European presentation with the content about Cybersecurity in Europe: priorities, challenges and opportunities.


Another European presentation talked about an important issue in cybersecurity on building international cooperation for Cybersecurity: a multi-lateral approach, was presented by  James Clarke, EU Strategic Liaison Manager, Telecommunications , Software & Systems Group (TSSG), Co. Waterford, Ireland.       

There also other European presentations given by Dr. Sotiris Ioannidis from Greece, member of CONNECT2SEA Consortium. He talked about Priorities of Policy, Actions on Cybersecurity in Europe and Proposal for EU-ASEAN Cooperation in 2016 – 2020 and he also gave an impressive Introduction of European Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016 - 2017: cybersecurity related research priorities.

As the hosting country, Dr. Tran Quy Nam, from Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology of Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam presented a talk about government policy and strategy for ICT in Vietnam in general, the situation, current status of Vietnamese cybersecurity and some suggestions for ASEAN – EU Cooperation on Security.

The talks were informative and gave much R&D, policy and practice knowledge for audience. There were also several suggestions on win-win situations in international collaborative for policy, regulation and research and development upon cybersecurity. Some presenters also mentioned far visions and ways of involvements for EU and SEA specialists in its activities to promote cooperation on cybersecurity.

The workshop reserved haft day for a Dialogues by Roundtable Discussion with Representatives from Vietnam, Korea, European and ASEAN Guests on Topics of:

  • Brief inclusion about 2-day workshop, the key point in the presentations
  • Talk about ASEAN Master Plan 2016 - 2020: Trust on Security
  • European Cybersecurity and Opportunities Cooperation with ASEAN
  • ASEAN Committee on Cybersecurity
  • LinkedIn Community

The roundtable discussion in the last day of workshop exchanged the ideas on “What are next steps for cybersecurity collaboration (inside ASEAN and ASEAN-EU) under ICT ASEAN Master Plan 2016 - 2020 and Potential ASEAN – EU Projects proposals under Horizon 2020?”.

The participants agreed that the focuses should be on the human resource cooperation development and R&D projects. The LinkedIn Community should play important roles not only for CONNECT2SEA but also become a good networking for all experts in cybersecurity sector. The workshop emphasized the importance of ICT ASEAN Master Plan 2016 – 2020 that was recently approved by all ASEAN Ministers and will be the main direction for all ASEAN works in ICT for period of next 5 years. The workshop was lucky to organize right after the finishing of TELMIN 2015 which had also finished few days before the CONNECT2SEA workshop started. The proposals and applications for H2020, working programme for 2016-2017 should be discussed further in Manila, Philippines, at the Cybersecurity Forum organised by CONNECT2SEA on January 26, 2016, and aim to promote some new projects ideas toward ASEAN – EU cooperation in ICT sector.

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