Project overview

The CONNECT2SEA project will support policy dialogue on ICT by connecting and internationalizing EU and SEA ICT research, development and innovation knowledge networks, clusters and their corresponding orgaisations. The project will draw on the experience and lessons learnt by previous research and will implement horizontal pilot actions. CONNECT2SEA's role is to mobilise and encourage networks and their actors to develop common and shared responses to major societal challenges and industrial leadership technologies, and to reinforce the synergies between EU and SEA ICT RDI programmes.

CONNECT2SEA aims at enhancing EU-SEA ICT RDI policy dialogue by summarising and structuring feedback from collaborative experience and proposing new and innovative actions. Key EU and ASEAN knowledge networks and multipliers – European Technology Platforms, ICT clusters, organisations, projects – are invited to enrich and initiate connections with their counterparts who are working on similar strategic topics and societal challenges.

CONNECT2SEA is a follow-up project to the SEACOOP initiative, which aimed at strengthening cooperation on ICT research between Europe and the ASEAN countries. This initiative was supported since 2004 by the European Commission (Directorate General Information Society and Media) through its Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6 and FP7), and by the ASEAN Secretariat since 2008.


  • support the internationalisation of European and SEA research, development and innovation knowledge networks, platforms and clusters in the topics of common interest,  in order to foster ICT RDI collaboration;

  • promote Horizon 2020 and reinforce synergies between the EU and ASEAN research development and innovation programmes;

  • enrich and support EU-SEA ICT R&D policy dialogue, by summarising and structuring feedback from collaborative experience and proposing recommended course of actions. 

Cooperation partners:

The project will closely cooperate with the Dialogue Partners, European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat, through its three major committees:

  • ASEAN Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology (SCMIT)
  • ASEAN Standing Committee on Research and Development (SCRD)
  • ASEAN Telecommunication Committee (TEL)

Special feature

CONNECT2SEA offers targeted seed funding for bottom up initiatives: 100,000 euro seed fund are available to support activities proposed jointly by teams of European and South East Asian ICT R&D organisations with the goal to initiate and broaden ICT R&D collaboration.  The call for proposals has already been issued. The application deadline is 31 May 2014.

Expected outcomes

CONNECT2SEA is expected to generate a sustainable and long-lasting positive impact that will go far beyond the project's completion. Notwithstanding the prominent sustainability of its assets (i.e. building of strategic cooperation, common agenda, roadmap and action plan, innovation services, etc.), it is quite evident that CONNECT2SEA will actually trigger a cascaded effect on new business creation along the ICT area in Europe and SEA countries. It will substantially support the industrial cooperation and partnership building among the two regions as well as by promote the international cooperation, the innovation culture and thus, the economic exploitation of research outcomes by its actual generators and industrial collaborators, namely the ICT-related research and industrial communities of the two regions.