Results for the Call for Proposals

The CONNECT2SEA consortium is pleased to announce the results of the Call for Proposals which was launched on 31st March 2014 and closed on 31st May 2014 (see the report and annexes below). The aim of this call was to initiate and broaden ICT collaboration between European and South East Asia teams.

55 applications were received, involving more than 136 organisations. A total amount of more than 350 000 Euro was requested for travel and event / cooperation grants, for a maximum available sum of 100 000 Euro.

A selection committee consisting of eight ICT experts evaluated the 55 applications, mainly considering three selection criteria: excellence, relevance and impact. 21 applications have been selected; 15 events and 6 travels can be funded thanks to this initiative. These funded activities involve more than 40 organisations in 21 countries (7 from South East Asia and 14 from Europe) and will seek to attract additional participants where appropriate.

Check the list of successful proposals below.