Project activities

The overall aim of CONNECT2SEA is to support policy dialogues between the European Union and SEA countries and to foster strategic collaboration opportunities with SEA countries’ organisations in collaborative ICT R&D both under European and under national/regional SEA programmes.

The pool of project activities related to the support to EU-SEA R&D ICT partnerships is focused on reinforcing EU-SEA ICT R&D cooperation and promoting visibility of EU-SEA ICT RDI clustering.

In the focus of the activities, there is the promotion of Horizon 2020 and the identification of synergy potentials between the EU and ASEAN research and innovation programmes. Building on the experience and lessons learnt from the previous actions, the CONNECT2SEA consortium supports the internationalisation of European and SEA ICT-related research, development and innovation knowledge networks, technology platforms, clusters, organisations in the topics of common interest, in order to foster ICT RDI collaboration. It seeks to facilitate and enrich the policy dialogue by supporting political initiatives, summarising feedback from collaborative experience and formulating policy recommendations for the reinforcement of EU-SEA ICT RDI collaboration.

In order to achieve the project’s overall aim, a 30-month work plan has been designed based on five interrelated work packages (WP).

  • WP1: Identification of collaboration opportunities - this WP prepares the ground work for the support action. Relevant ICT knowledge networks and organisations are being identified and the call methodology is agreed upon with the Advisory Board and the European Commission. Within this WP also further collaboration among specific research organizations between EU and SEA countries will be promoted by providing targeted seed funding for bottom up initiatives.
  • WP2: Strengthening links between EU and SEA ICT networks and organisations - this WP is focused on reinforcing EU-SEA ICT R&D cooperation and promoting collaboration between networks, clusters and their organisations.
  • WP3: Enhancing EU-SEA ICT policy dialogue - this WP contains a central pool of activities aiming at contributing to EU-ASEAN ICT policy dialogue process. It includes the establishment of the EU-SEA Advisory Board,  the provision of support to ASEAN - EU Dialogue Partner Meetings, and other ad-hoc support, such as contributions to presentations etc.
  • WP4: Dissemination and awareness raising - this WP is meant to accompany all activities in the project and spread knowledge about the CONNECT2SEA project among the stakeholder communities.
  • WP5: Project management and coordination - this WP ensures the required level of project management quality by the EC.